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Useful and Effective Android Business Apps

There are plenty of strategies and techniques, both in the online and offline world, that you can apply in your business. When it comes to using devices to help grow your business, Smartphones and Tablets are in the forefront. These gadgets are more useful now than ever before, as mobile apps have come into existence and have become known in the marketplace. Apps facilitate the execution of features and functions in Smartphones and Tablets.

Entrepreneurs and Business owners who are looking for ways to expand their business can take advantage of Android business apps. These apps allow them to market and sell their products or services. Android business apps provide functions that are normally done by secretaries and marketing staff. You can continue using them even when you are away from the office or from home. Even when you’re on a trip outside the country, you can still utilize these Smartphone apps. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available, here are the top ten that are worth your consideration.

Ten of the Best Android Business Apps

Locale – Locale is useful when you attend meetings, seminars or conferences. It directly turns your Smartphone to silent mode as needed. You just have to adjust the settings to reflect the locations you visit. Besides keeping you undisturbed at specific times, you can also benefit by activating its power-conserving features. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other power-hungry features may be turned off automatically.

Documents to Go – Documents to Go enables you to access Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents whenever and wherever needed. You can choose to use the free version for base functionality or the paid version to gain access to more advanced features.

GDocs – GDocs is one of the best Android business apps that allows you to view documents online. It also enables users to download files for editing.

Bump – Bump enables the swapping or exchanging of information by simply bumping two devices together. The good news is that this app works not only for Android Phones, but also on devices running iOS.

Google Voice – Google Voice lets you get e-mails that contain your transcribed voicemail. By using this app, you can call using your Google number internationally for a very low cost. All your contact details will stay synchronized.

AK Notepad – AK Notepad lets you record important notes and reminds you at specific times. This application also enables you to export notes, send notes via SMS or e-mail and stick notes on your home screen for a quick reference.

Meebo – Meebo is an app that allows you to log in at the same time on different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and others.

ServerUp – ServerUp has plenty of features very useful for business. Examples include support for ping and trace routes, entering multiple host names as well as port numbers, enabling or disabling specific hosts and many more.

Scatterslides – Scattersldes allows you to run PowerPoint presentations on your SmartPhones.

Cab4me – Cab4me is most useful especially if you are in a hurry for an off-site meeting or seminar and need to get to a place rapildy. This app helps you order and get a cab instantly.
Hope you find these apps helpful you in your business. If you have a small business, you can make your own app with ease. With the right small business mobile app platform, you don’t need to learn any programming or coding, and can get your own Android business app, iPhone business app, iPad business app as well as Mobile website for your business with push-button ease in a matter of hours.