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Top Five Business Apps for Android

Corporate employees often need mobile apps for working with the files, communicating with others, viewing and editing their documents and managing other tasks.

There are dozens of business apps in the Google Play Store, but here we have collected the top five of them that will maximize your efficiency on the smartphone or tablet.

Google Docs:

Google Docs is one of the most useful Android business apps which enables you to access, create, and edit your documents from anywhere. It also allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time.

You have no need to hit the save button again and again after making changes in your document as everything you type in it is automatically saved.

You can also open, edit and save the Word files and convert them into Google Docs.


LogMeIn is a premium app which lets you remotely access your computer from your smartphone or tablet while you are on the go.

You will need to install the LogMeIn software both on your Android device and computer and create an ID at Once done, you can remotely access the files and run programs stored on your computer from your mobile device.

You will initially get a 14-day free trial of LogMeIn Pro and at the end of the period, you will need to purchase an account subscription to use it further. The Pro version of the app costs $27.55 a month.

PrinterShare Print Service:

This is an amazing app which enables you to easily print Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel documents, photos, web pages, emails, bills, invoices, messages or other digital content from the memory of your smartphone or tablet, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or other cloud storage platforms.

You can also configure paper size, page range, the number of copies, and more printing options before pressing the print button.

However, some of the app’s features are not free, and you will need to purchase a Premium Key to unlock them. The key costs $12.95.

AK Notepad:

AK Notepad is a useful Android App which allows you to take notes, share them with your friends and family through text messages or emails, add reminders on your home screen and do much more.

You can write notes in colour of your choice and use tags like #School, #Work, #shopping in them for better sorting and quicker research.

Quotes and Invoices Manager:

This is another useful Android app which lets the users create quotes and invoices for their customers. It also allows you to export invoices and quotes to an Excel or CVS file and send them to customers by email.

The app is available for $10.57 in Google Play Store.